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CT has been a recognized leader in contest logging software since 1985. CT is designed for ease of use, with its primary emphasis on RELIABILITY. Several levels of protection are afforded to ensure that you won't lose your contest log in the heat of battle.

News Flash:
On 17 May 2010, Ken K1EA announced that further development of CT has stopped.  He wrote, "I discussed this with N6TV at Dayton, and yes CT development for DOS is dead. I thought I had an old hard drive with DOS, the complier and libraries in the closet. None of them would boot DOS. I can still compile CTWin, although it won't run on my development machine, Windows 7."
Click on the link above to see his full comments.
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(new) Unofficial support for 2010 ARRL 10 Meter Contest (new XE multipliers)
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